Mrs. Shipton

6th Grade Art
Middle School Yearbook
High School Art
High School Ceramics/Pottery
HighSchool Yearbook

BS: Wayne State University
Post Graduate: Wayne State University
                      Macomb County Community College
Professional Biography
My career path for Art Education began when I was twelve with a comment from my mother, "You love art and you love children so you should be an Art teacher".  During high school, I took three years of Art.  I chose to go to Wayne State University because it was a good school that I could afford.  I was delighted to learn that Wayne had an exceptional Art Education department unlike other universities that had Art teachers take General Education with a few art classes.  I graduated from WSU with a Bachelor of Science in Art Education.  My major was Art Education which allows me to teach Art from Kindergarten through 12th Grade.  I have two minors and have passed the highly qualified proficiency tests for English and Elementary Education.  This allows me to teach English from Kindergarten through 9th Grade and all subjects from Kindergarten through 8th Grade.  Since earning my degree, I have continued studying at Wayne State and Macomb County Community College.  At Macomb, I studied Ceramics exclusively.