Adolescent Critical Reading Intervention


I want to welcome you to the Adolescent Critical Reading Intervention class!


This school year marks the second year that ACRI will be offered at Endeavour Middle School.  New Haven Community Schools is one of a select few districts that sent a teacher to ACRI training.  Based on the research of Dr. Sharon Russell from The University of Michigan, ACRI has been proven very effective at quickly raising the reading levels of middle school students. 


I wanted to take a moment and explain what ACRI is “all about.”  This is the most rigorous and demanding reading program the district offers.  The focus is on expository, or fact-based, texts.  Using those books, students will learn how to answer challenging inferential questions, and text-mapping skills.   


The class is run much differently than any other your student may have encountered.  It is based on a community feel, where students are free to say as much or as little as they’d like.  There is no hand-raising or homework; I like to describe it as a “living room” concept, in which all parties have an equal opportunity to participate.  Students who show a desire to improve in reading will generally find themselves successful in this class. 

Corrective Reading is designed to promote reading accuracy (decoding), fluency, and comprehension skills of students in grades 4–12 who are reading below their grade level. The program includes four sequential levels that address students’ decoding skills and six sequential levels that address students’ comprehension skills. The levels are designed to target students who need assistance with particular types of reading skills based on the results of Corrective Reading placement tests (see theTeaching section for more details on the different levels). The decoding and comprehension components can be used separately as a supplemental reading intervention or combined for use as a reading intervention curriculum. All lessons in the program are sequenced and scripted. Corrective Reading can be implemented in small groups of four to five students or in a whole-class format. Corrective Readingis intended to be taught in 45-minute lessons four to five times a week.

Corrective Mathematics is a remedial system that solves a wide range of problems for struggling older students, even if they have failed with other approaches. Explicit, step-by-step lessons are grouped into separate modules that may be taught separately or concurrently to customize instruction for particular student needs. The program contains modules for addition; subtraction; multiplication; division; basic fractions; fractions, decimals, percents; and ratios and equations. Upon completion of one or more of the modules, students are armed with the basic strategies they need to access conventional math instruction with success.